Born in Bristol in 1965, Jim spent most of his formative years on the Donegal coast of Ireland. His childhood play space was defined by how far he could walk or run, and then return home, in a day. This freedom of movement across wild landscape, dotted with pre-Christian archaeological spaces infuses his current work, and that of his major past-time, running.

Fascinated with both movement and stillness, Jim's work explores the spaces between these states, the liminal zones within which contradictions can exist. Jim is fascinated by our connection to the rhythm's and patterns of cultural time frames, the internal body clock and nature's seasonality. Within each artwork it is hoped to reveal moments of deeper understanding, of either special places or our personal journey.

Initially training as a landscape architect at Leeds Polytechnic (1983 to 1990), Jim later emerged out of private practise as a renowned labyrinth-maker and artist, working on exciting and ambitious installation and labyrinth projects.

Jim is based in Dumfriesshire, South West Scotland, setting his studio practise within a rural landscape backdrop, with the Solway Firth providing a maritime quality of light.

Jim Buchanan is author of "Labyrinths for the Spirit" published by Gaia in 2007.

"In constructing labyrinths in public spaces, I am continuing perhaps the original applications of community celebration – of the annual calendar cycles, feast days, religious reverence and perhaps deep down, a pure celebration of survival." — Jim Buchanan


Artworks are made from materials inspired by each specific project and place. This has resulted in installations made from giant earthworks, steel, wood and rock for the 'permanent', and fire, ice, light projection and sound for the more 'ephemeral'. Jim engages with the landscape for spiritual and physical regeneration, but also as a physical palette. Beach drawings form part of his outdoor studio practise, and informs his printmaking and graphic style.